Upcoming Seminars

TitleSpeaker(s) Host UniversityDateLink
Helmholtz Data Science Career Day 22/09, 12:30 CETHere
Annual meeting of the Israeli Seminar on Computational Linguistics (ISCOL)Ben-Gurion University (BGU)7/10more details soon
Representation of Datasets and Machine Learning Pipelines for Metalearning and AutoML OptimizationRoman Vainshtein, PhD Student
Ben-Gurion University (BGU)19/10, 13:00Here
Defining and Evaluating Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
Prof. Avi Rosenfeld
Ben-Gurion University (BGU)2/11, 13:00Here
AI for Software Quality AssuranceProf. Meir KalechBen-Gurion University (BGU)9/11, 13:00Here
Generating Tips from Product ReviewsDr. Ido GuyBen-Gurion University (BGU)
23/11, 13:00Here
Automatic features engineering from external information sourcesAsaf Harari, PhD Student
Ben-Gurion University (BGU)30/11, 13:00Here
The First International IDSI ConferenceEin Gedi3-6/01/2022Here