Previous Seminars

Growing a tree from a forest: Transforming a decision forest into an explainable tree

Speaker: Omer Sagi, PhD Student, BGU, 15/12/20

Embeddings for spoken words 

Speaker: Prof. Karen Livescu, TTIC, 22/12/20

Learning discrete distributions with infinite support 

Speaker: Prof. Aryeh Kontorovich, BGU, 22/12/20

Human vs. Machines

Speakers: Prof. Edi Barkai and Prof. Danny Keren, UoH, 28/12/20

Machine-learning-based analysis of the evolutionary-conservation of microRNA-target interactions

Speaker:  Dr. Isana Veksler-Lublinsky, BGU, 29/12/20

Assessing Software Developers; Algorithm Selection for Optimal Multi-Agent Path Finding

Speaker: Argaman Mordoch; Om​ri Kaduri, M.Sc students, BGU, 05/01/21

On Size Generalization in Graph Neural Networks and Lottery Tickets 

Speaker: Gilad Yehudai, Weizmann Institute of Science, 10/01/21

The Wiretapping of Things

Speaker: Dr. Eldar Haber, University of Haifa, 11/01/21

Iterative learning algorithm for exposure assessment used in generalized linear epidemiological models 

Speaker: Ron Sarafian, Ph.D student, BGU, 12/01/21

Embracing Open Science – Interaction Between Different Stakeholders in Belgium 

Speaker: Mrs. Inge Van Nieuwerburg, Ghent University, Belgium, 18/01/21

Am I an Algorithm or a Product? When Products Liability Should Apply to Algorithmic Decision-Makers

Speaker: Dr. Karni A. Chagal-Feferkorn, University of Ottawa , 18/01/21

Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Neural Networks For Regression Problems

Speaker: Eli Simhayev, M.Sc student, BGU, 19/01/21